RAPID Slit Seal

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Plate seal for well-plate
Good cost performance as substitute for silicon mat

 Features ApplicationsExamples of compatible auto-samplers  Specifications

  • Slits on base film let well spots self-close instantly even after pipetting
  • No adhesive on well spots preventing cross-contamination between wells
  • Can be functional at -80℃~100℃

  • Auto-sampler
  • To prevent sample evaporation
  • Substitute for silicon mats
  • for streamlined liquid handling 

    • Nano space (Shiseido)
    • Prominence(Shimadzu)
    • ACQUITY UPLC (Waters)
    • PAL-HTC(CTC)
    • 1100、1200、1290series(Agilent Technologies)

*compatible with its auto-sampler

    • Catalog Code:RSS-S96-80122
    • Size:80mm×122mm
    • Material:PET、Silicon
    • Functional temperature range:-80℃~100℃

*A maximum operating temperature is confirmed by the performance test at 100℃ for 30 minutes.

※Please also refer to FAQ for further clarifications.


Evaluation Data


Prevent solvent evaporation Slit Seal
I feel this is beneficial I have residual solutions left in wells even after one night.

the researcher from one big pharmaceutical company

Pharmacokinetics Slit Seal
The self-closing Slit Seal is ideal for preventing sample volatilization. Even samples measured on Friday can be re-measured on Monday.

(Pharmacokinetics in pharmaceutical company)











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