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Smart Evaporator Features

Bump free technology “Spiral Plug”

The “Spiral Plug” concentrates your samples with zero risks of bumping.

Why it’s bumping free!

Thanks to the groove engraved on the Spiral Plug (patented), the inside of the sample container is not brought to high vacuum, minimizing the bumping risk.  The vortex is generated by the air flow coming in along the groove, and that stirs the sample in the container.

You do not have to monitor to avoid bumping. The concentration is started, then you can just walk away till it’s done, greatly improving research throughput.

The world’s first technology: “vacuum vortex concentration”

The spiral flow is generated by “vacuum vortex concentration” using the proprietary developed “Spiral Plug”. This increases the surface area of sample while stirring and evaporates solvents effectively.

This is also applicable for solvents with high viscosity, as well as those which tend to form the surface film if evaporated with the centrifugal concentrator or nitrogen blow down concentrator.
* The concentration efficiency varies depending on the sample properties.



The Spiral Plug in 5 different sizes

spiralFrom the idea that we want to offer products that can be used by a wide range of researchers, the Smart Evaporator does not require the sample transfer or not limit the containers that can be used with the Smart Evaporator. We prepare the five different sizes of tapered shaped plugs.
The containers with the mouth inner diameter of 4 to 24 mm and the height of 120 mm or less can be used for the Smart Evaporator.


※ Some containers with the mouth inner diameter of 24 to 32 mm can also be used.
※ The containers must be prepared separately.

Other containers can also be used if the above conditions are satisfied. By reducing the number of sample transfers, times for washing containers and the number of containers are reduced, which is also economical.




Evaporate high boiling solvents effectively!

The spiral air flow generated by “Spiral Plug” supports rapid solvent evaporation. It enables to concentrate even solvents such as water, DMF, DMSO which are regarded difficult to evaporate.

(Recommended that the sample temperature should be higher than room temperature to avoid condensation.)

Voices of Users

(Beverage manufacturer · analytical chemistry)

(Pharmaceutical company · organic synthesis)

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