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Three different usages depending on your request.
(1) Standard

Simply just connect to the vacuum pump! This is the most standard way to use the Smart Evaporator. Set the Spiral Plug on the container, and it’s ready to start.  Easy start-up just by connecting to the vacuum pump.
No need to prepare the gas cylinder or others.

(2) Gas replacement with inert gas

Just by connecting your gas cylinder or supply line (nitrogen, argon, dry air etc), you can stabilize the evaporating condition. The concentration efficiency improves more than standard evaporation, and that accelerates the research throughput.
This is a usage recommended for customers who consider of sample oxidation or need to concentrate samples in the nitrogen atmosphere.
It reduces the risk of oxidation and contamination.
*The supply sources such as nitrogen gas, argon gas, dry air, etc. should be prepared separately.

(3) Air circulation to save gas consumption

Easy circulation system can be constructed by combining vacuum pump and trap. This closed usage is ideal to suppress the contaminations. You can save the gas consumption by recirculating the gas. This usage is recommended if you wish to recover the volatilized solvents.

・Stable evaporation, not affected by the outer condition.
・Suppressing the impurity contamination.
* With some of the vacuum pumps, the use may accelerate the parts consumption.

By referring to the researcher’s voice, we are working to improve the research efficiency.

Organic colors to excite your laboratory scene

We apply the four organic colors (Sun, Squall, Grass, Sky) to feel the nature in the laboratory.


“Making the laboratory happy and energetically”
Red may seem too fancy at first glance in the laboratory, but the actual device has the matte aluminum texture with the gentle impression. This is even pastel shade, and Sun with the image of warm sunshine makes your lab bright and cheerful.


“Feel the power of nature in the laboratory.”
The squall that brings a strong gust of wind and rains is the blessing of nature. The pastel purple that takes a little red is a recommended color for an interior decoration rather than for a device. Also good compatibility with other gray equipment often found in the laboratory.


“Feel the grassy breeze blowing while in the laboratory.”
It is green which images vegetation, and the matte shiny aluminum body may bring you image young leaves. You may want to select Grass as if you get the houseplant in the laboratory.


“Feel the sky while in my laboratory.”
It is exactly blue that images the blue sky of summer. This is also a matt shiny color so it’s not stiff, allowing you to enjoy changing colors depending on the way light strikes. This is preferably selected for those who want to align tastes with other equipment and who want to adventure a little.

Ideally compact sized evaporator

On the working table and the draft that are overflowing with various equipment and reagents, the installation space of the equipment is limited. To make it able to install even in a small space, many functions are accommodated in a space-saving size. We reduce the sense of oppression from the device by rounding the corner, making it more compact and friendly design.


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“Voices of Users” are available here!

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Concentration of 10 samples without bumping
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  Smart Evaporator C10

*If you’d like to try demonstration or have any questions, please feel free to contact us.