NEW Smart Evaporator vol.28

It is great being able to flexibly concentrate fractionated samples.

Tomoyuki Koyama, Ph.D.
Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology
*UPDATE 2019 May 27

Smart Evaporator vol.27

Even the fraction container can be used as is for concentration.

Hirofumi Hanaoka, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Gunma University


Smart Evaporator vol.26

Smart Evaporator is doing great in France, too!

Prof. Miki Hasegawa,            Aoyoma Gakuin University




Smart Evaporator vol.25
only 2 hours with the C10
This readily enables to evaporate DMSO, water, high-boiling point solvents and even solid samples with vial.

Mr.N, in the University C



Smart Evaporator vol.24
Enables to concentrate a tiny sample of 600µL, achieving high-sensitive total reflection fluorescent X-ray analysis!

Senior chief engineer Mr. Hiroshi Yoshii, National Institute for Quantum and Radiological Science and Technology

Smart Evaporator vol.23
Operation time gets reduced to 1/6 to evaporate 16 viscous samples!

Assistant Prof. Ena Kiyokawa in Fukuoka University



Smart Evaporator vol.22
No more concerns of denaturation!
Definitely fast and effective evaporation of multiple samples!

PD Kyohei Kanomata, Bioresources Chemistry, Kyushu University



Smart Evaporator vol.21
No more concerns of denaturation!
Useful for adjusting the solubility of luminous rare earth complex and for removing the solvents!

Prof. Miki Hasegawa,  Aoyoma Gakuin University





Smart Evaporator vol.20
ingredient analysis pretreatment with the C10
Smart Evaporator Evaluation:

Dr. Graham M. Wynne CChem FRSC, Medicinal Chemistry Advisor, Chemistry Research Laboratory, University of Oxford






Smart Evaporator vol.19
only 2 hours with the C10
The University of Nottingham as to the benefits of the Smart Evaporator

Dr Tom McInally, University of Nottingham



Smart Evaporator vol.18
No more concerns of denaturation!
No more concerns of denaturation! The C10 processes the samples collected from the same time.

Assistant Prof. Ms. Ryoko Tomita, University of Fukuoka



Smart Evaporator vol.17
ingredient analysis pretreatment with the C10
Multiple evaporations of water or mixed solvents for ingredient analysis pretreatment with the C10!

Ms. O, drug-related division in one chemical manufacturer




Smart Evaporator vol.16
only 2 hours with the C10
3 to 4 days with the rotary evaporator, but now only 2 hours with the C10!

Mr.S in the research development department in one chemical material manufacturer


Smart Evaporator vol.15
polymers for material development
We can evaporate under the nitrogen environment.Just leave it and it’s done!

Mr.K working on the Organic Synthesis Chemistry in one material manufacturer



Smart Evaporator vol.14
fungus components derived from microorganisms
I properly use both Centrifugal Evaporator and Smart Evaporator.

Mr. S in the Research Development at one drink manufacturer


Smart Evaporator vol.13
water evaporation
Effective evaporation of water!Even solid sample can be concentrated!

Mr. Y in the department of material application development at one machinery manufacturer

Smart Evaporator vol.12
forensic medicines
Suitable instrument for analytical method development of forensic medicines.

Hamamatsu University School of Medicine, Department of Legal Medicine, Assistant Prof. Kotaro Hasegawa


Smart Evaporator vol.11
synthesis research of radiopharmaceuticals
I use the Smart Evaporator for the synthesis research of radiopharmaceuticals!

Mr. Hiroshi Yamaguchi in Radiology Department, Akita Prefectural Hospital Organization




Smart Evaporator vol.10
DMF 濃縮
Never be achieved with the freeze dryer, how easy to dry DMSO!I could also manage to evaporate DMF at 40 Celsius in an hour, which is amazing!

Associate Prof. “M” in natural products chemistry

Smart Evaporator vol.9
No need to keep my eyes on evaporator, I can dry up water with adding slight heat, and this takes me only 20 minutes.

Mr.k: polymer science at the public institution.





Smart Evaporator vol.8evaporator 8
Easy evaporation of the high viscous samples like surfactant solution

Dr. I works on the material chemistry research in the university “C”.





Smart Evaporator vol.7
No more scrambles for the Smart Evaporator C1, but now we have the C10!

University “T”,
Natural product chemistry research,
Associate professor “K”

Smart Evaporator vol.6
photosynthesis pigment analysis
Smart Evaporator significantly shortens the time duration for pretreatment in photosynthesis pigment analysis!!

Tokyo University of Science,
Faculty of Science, Professor Dr. Tatsuya Tomo

Smart Evaporator vol.5
nitrogen blow down
Not the nitrogen blow down dry evaporator, we now have the improved solution for evaporating tiny samples.

Sopia University
The organic chemistry area


Smart Evaporator vol.4
Smart Evaporator contributes to the laboratory in Mozambique

Marika Higashi
Science and Technology Research Partnership for Sustainable Development (SATREPS)



Smart Evaporator vol.3
I am happy to be able to concentrate precious samples in 2ml vials without
any stresses.

Takeo Kurata.
Meiji University, Science and Engineering Applied Chemistry.


Smart Evaporator vol.2
Smart Evaporator shortens sample processing time significantly, which saves a few days of work

R&D Scientist in a pharmaceutical company.



Smart Evaporator vol.1
Smart evaporator is effective to concentrate and dry samples in vials and centrifuge tubes.

Professor Takuya Kumamoto.
Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences Organic Chemistry
Musashino university.


Plate Seals / Plate

NEW RAPID Slit Seal vol.5
Pharmacokinetics Slit Seal
The self-closing Slit Seal is ideal for preventing sample volatilization. Even samples measured on Friday can be re-measured on Monday.

(Pharmacokinetics in pharmaceutical company)

For ADME screening. Good injection with “EPS”
and good sealing with “CRS”.

(ADME Screening in Pharmaceutical Manufacturer)

Plate reader CRS
When measuring the light luminescence with the plate reader,I can easily process with RAPID CRS pasted thereon.

Mr. M(in the drug discovery department of the one pharmaceutical company)


Marine-Earth CRS
Seals with resistance to 1000 atmospheric pressure

Mr. Chiaki Kato from JAMSTEC
(Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology)

RAPID Slit Seal vol.1
Prevent solvent evaporation Slit Seal
I feel this is beneficial I have residual solutions left in wells even after one night.

the researcher from one big pharmaceutical company





















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