Poster presentations and Exhibition at Pittcon2017 in Chicago


At Pittcon2017 in Chicago, IL, there will be a poster presentation associated with the ionRocket and Volatimeship.

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Place: McCormick Place,  Chicago, IL


Temperature-regulated Thermal Desorption and Pyrolysis Device for DART®-MS Systems -ionRocket-

Chikako Takei1, Haruo Shimada2, Katsuyuki Maeno2, Yasuo Shida1, Michael Churchill1
1BioChromato, Inc.  2Shiseido Global Research Center


An Enhancing Device for Volatile Compounds Analysis with DART®-MS
– Volatimeship

Chikako Takei1, Yasuo Shida1, Michael Churchill1
1BioChromato, Inc.


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