We’ll be at JASIS 2018


We’ll be participating to JASIS from 5th to 7th September.
You’ll have a chance to see our product line-ups at our booth, and we’ll be also having
seminars presenting our development. We’ll all look forward to having your visits.

【Exhibiting products (Booth No.4B-708)
■ Conveni-Prep M2 (New Technology&New Product)
This is a fractionation / purification system for readily performing desalting of components isolated by fractionation and preparative HPLC. After solvent extraction, solvent can be removed by VVC (Vacuum Vortex Concentration) method using Spiral Plug which is our proprietary technology, improving work efficiency of fractionation, purification, desalination of samples.

■Smart Evaporator C4 Light (New Product)
Smart Evaporator is an evaporator that can evaporate DMSO or DMF without bumping, and we now have a new line-up, “Smart Evaporator C4 Light”!  The size is the same with Smart Evaporator C1 (single position evaporator), and it can evaporate four samples at a time.

■Optional device for DART®-MS ionRocket
By heating a sample from room temperature to 600°C., mass analysis of the vaporized / ionized compounds is performed, and even insoluble in solvents or mixtures can be measured without pretreatment.

■Compound Search
This is the database for chemical industry, and is featured for components such as additives used in the material field.

■Spectra Scope
This is KMD analysis and differential analysis software for ionRocket DART®-MS analysis.

■Optional device for DART®-MS Volatimeship
Volatimeship enables real-time analysis of volatile components using DART-MS without pretreatment!
Ideal solution to visualize the smell.


【New Technology Presentation Programs】
Venue: APA Hotel & Resort Hotel New Otani Makuhari   *in Japanese only.
“Introduction of new solid phase extraction system for Mid-volume that can dry solidification.”
・Sep. 5th (WED) 13:45~14:10 room:A-10
・Sep. 6th (THU)  11:45~12:10 room:A-9

“Introduction of simple material analysis
with Thermal Desorption and Pyrolysis combined DART-MS”

・Sep. 6th (THU)  14:25~14:50 room:A-9
・Sep. 7th (FRI)   15:25~15:50 room:A-4

“Real time analysis of scent. How does the scent move?”
・Sep. 5th (WED)  13:05~13:30 room:A-7
・Sep. 7th (FRI)    11:45~12:10 room:A-8


【Collaboration Presentation】
■ionRocket DART-MS live demo/JEOL Ltd.
Booth No.4B-801
・Sep. 5th (WED)   15:00~15:15
・Sep. 6th (THU)    13:00~13:15、15:00~15:15
・Sep. 7th (FRI)     13:00~13:15、14:30~14:45

■Mass Spectrometry Seminar for Chemical Industry / Organized by Bruker Japan
・Sep. 6th (THU)16:00~18:30(Reception opens15:30) *in Japanese only
Venue:Grand South Oceans Kaihin Makuhari
The seminar includes our presentation
“Introduction of new material analysis with Thermal Desorption and Pyrolysis combined DART-MS”
Capacity:50 people


Please also visit to our introduction page on JASIS2018 for your reference.
We’ll all look forward to seeing you soon.

In case if you have any questions, please contact to and we’ll get back to you shortly.