Exhibition and Poster Presentation at ASMS 2019 in ATLANTA


We will be participating to 67th ASMS Conference.(June 2-6, 2019 Georgia World Congress Center)
If you have a chance to visit this conference, please visit us too.
We will all look forward to having your visits.
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Our products make analytical equipment compatible with DART®-MS (Direct Analysis in Real Time-Mass Spectrometry) and other laboratory instruments.

Exhibition Booth # 208


The ionRocket is a pyrolysis device for DART®-MS, giving another axis of temperature besides the obtained data from DART®-MS alone.
Since the temperature shifts by time in minutes, the given profile shows similar ones to chromatograms.
It generates a controllable heat gradient from the ambient temperature up to 600ºC, thereby separating compounds based on volatility.
Thus, compound peaks can be resolved, even in complex matrices. >>Learn more about ionRocket


Volatimeship is a sampling system for real-time detection of volatile compounds, also coupled to DART®-MS.
Users can measure flavor release in food and beverage or other sensory phenomena.
This allows researchers to detect changes to volatile compounds over time in food and beverage, cosmetics, chemical industries, or environmental studies. >>Learn more about Volatimeship

Poster presentation:

June 3, 2019 Monday (10:30~12:30 / 13:30~14:30 *Odd-number posters present)

# MP228 : Application for Forensic Analysis: Discrimination of Fibers using Trace Organic Additive and Pyrolyzate Marker

# MP632 : Molecular characterization of oligomeric pyrolysis compounds of ethyl acrylate-butyl acrylate copolymer using thermal desorption/pyrolysis DART-MS

June 4, 2019 Tuesday (10:30~11:30 / 12:30~14:30 *Even-number posters present)

# TP219 : Fatty acid composition analysis for glycerides in edible oils using thermal desorption/pyrolysis DART-QTOFMS

# TP145 : Application of molecular characterization for fluorine polymers using thermal desorption/pyrolysis DART-MS

June 6, 2019 Thursday (10:30~12:30 / 13:30~14:30 *Odd-number posters present)

# ThP008 : Molecular characterization of terminal structures for polycarbonates using a thermal desorption/pyrolysis DART-MS

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