Product Movie

Product Movie

Evaporator(Product Introduction)

Smart Evaporator

Product feature video of Smart Evaporator.

Smart Evaporator

The Smart Evaporator is a Great Boon for Your Work.

Smart Evaporator C10

10-position evaporator for small volume samples!

Evaporator(How to use)

How to use①

How to prepare Smart Evaporator

How to use②

How to use the temperature controller of Smart Evaporator

How to use③

How to start concentration with Smart Evaporator

Image of concentration

Good example of concentration with Smart Evaporator


RAPID Slit Seal

Product feature video of RAPID Slit Seal.


Product feature video of RAPID EPS.

Mass spectrometry devices


Product feature video of ionRocket.


Product feature video of Volatimeship.

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