BioChromato Newsletter Vol.26


From 4th to 7th June, collaborating with BioChromato USA we were at ASMS in San Diego.  We had our analytical instruments on display ionRocket and Volatimeship, as well as our Smart Evaporator and plate seals.  We also had 5 poster presentations in 4 days, and received lots of people’s attentions.  Those 4 days were great experience to feel and learn more about analytical market in the USA, and we’ll be giving more efforts to be supportive for researchers in this market!


We’ve just renewed our websites of SlitSeal and EPS.  To let people readily understand features and functions, we’ve simplified the whole pages. There should be tons of approaches available on the Internet to make a webpage more attractive and generating potential leads, but we’ll try one by one for better result.  Please enjoy to visit and feel free to see the contents!


To learn more about the Thai market and to discuss what measures would be effective to improve sales…there should be many why we’ve made a visit to our Thai distributor, S.M. Chemical for the first time!  Thank you Boonnakhom san and the team for your kind welcomes, and it was a great time and experience.  If any of you needs some ideas to enhance your promotion or increase your sales, let’s arrange our visit to your office, and we’ll find good solutions together.


Visiting is worthwhile all the time.

From April to June, our boss visited distributors in Russia, Italy, the UK and Norway.  Thank you all for your great welcome and your time for us.  The next turn is probably yours…!  Please feel free to contact us if you have any request regarding our visit!