BioChromato Newsletter Vol.27


Looking back this fiscal year starting from the last August, we have launched the new 4-position Smart Evaporator K4, and renewed Smart Evaporator C1 for better usability.  The total number of Smart Evaporator sold in the domestic market is much developed this year (+160%!), and the main reason should be we visit from place to place throughout a year to meet customers and distributors directly. 

We hope your customers in your areas find our products useful too, and our goal is to provide such “market-needed” products to researchers world-wide.  If I can be your help, please write me and we discuss together.



Referred to the webpage renewals of Slit Seal and RAPID EPS  in the last month, the RAPID Tube-Plate 600 webpage needs to be renewed too to highlight its charm.  This product is designed not to affect the sample analysis by its controlled resin material, and its shape is designed to let each well to be heated uniformly.  The well size at 600μm also gives its unique presence in the plate market.  To learn more about RAPID Tube-Plate-600, please take a look here, and if you come up your idea introducing this product to your specific customer, please let me know and I can assist you. 


The ionRocket and Volatimeship are optional devices for DART  from IonSense, Inc. from the U.S..  Together with AMR (the IonSense’s distributor in Japan) we held the “DART User’s Seminar” on 13th July in Tokyo.  The six presenters from companies in different fields (industry, food, forensic, cosmetic, geoscience )had the presentations to share their experience of using DART, and 4 of them are the owners of ionRocket or Volatimeship.

So far from what we received on the after survey from attendees, their reviews were very positive, and we believe it was a successful opportunity.  We had almost 100 people attended to the seminar, and had a productive time discussing with people working in the same fields. 


Working as a sales in the analytical equipment field for more than 30 years, a very-experienced freshman joined our team from this July!  It’s been productive to know his ideas from his experience, and we’d develop the team for giving you better support!

The fiscal year is closing in this month, and thank you for all your support to make a year successful.  You made it happen!  Referred to our success in this year, we need to aim for better in the next year too.  Thank you for your continuous support, and we are hoping to create a good year again too.