BioChromato Newsletter Vol.30


This Distributors Meeting was aimed to hold for deepening our relationship with distributors, but in the end we learnt a lot about “what we can do for our distributors who always support us”.  We had in-depth discussion of product development as well as “how BioChromato as a manufacturer can be developed and what is needed for us to expand the oversea sales further.”  It was such a valuable time to share honest ideas and make us re-acknowledged and learnt what is required for us.  This year we had 8 people from 6 distributors joined us, and it was a great time we had you all together at one place face-to face. 

With your encouragement, our challenge will keep on-going, and we will try our best to make you benefited by staying with us.  Once again, thank you for your participations, and see you again soon!


The seminar was held on 16th and 17th October in the city, St. Petersburg with many historical buildings registered as a World Heritage site.  We are appreciated for Analit Product Ltd. for giving us this great opportunity, and pleased to have a presentation of Smart Evaporator.  We had a very valuable experience!


“I can’t tell how the back side of the device or the overall shape looks like…”  “The customer says he wants to see the device, but I don’t have an actual one so I can’t show him…”  Have you ever experienced such situations?  In such a case, please visit this website!

BioChromato 3D Web Exhibition

On this website you can check BioChromato products all in 3D, and this would be a useful tool for having smooth business talks!  You can feel free to share this link with your customers!  Please enjoy surfing in the Web exhibition!