BioChromato Newsletter Vol.31


OJ Technologies from Taiwan made a visit to our office for the first time, and we are appreciated for their visit!  We started with our product presentation in our laboratory, but seeing is believing!  The session followed to the technical training with our production department to further understand how the ionRocket is installed and runs.  We also had a good productive sales discussion for our future collaboration.  We hope they had a good start to get to know our products as well as how and who work for this product. We’ve just kicked off our cooperation from this year and still sought for how we can collaborate, but it’s always worthwhile to have the time together face to face.  Thank you again!



We are pleased to announce you the RAPID Slit Seal took a part of a new publication!

Nuts and Bolts of Protein Quantification by Online Trypsin Digestion Coupled LC-MS/MS Analysis

We own the full article, so if you want to show this out for your product promotion, please let us know so that we can share with you. The other day, one of our customers using Waters HPLC told us a very interesting way of their usage.  They paste RAPID Slit Seal on where they paste RAPID EPS, and that works for good storage condition and for preventing sample evaporation after puncture.  If you know any unique ways of using our products, please let us know. It’s been such a valuable information from the market. 


Towards the end of year, we’ve been getting busy to close the leads.  It is a season when our customers try to use up their left budget!  We are receiving more orders of Smart Evaporator K4 and Smart Evaporator C10 from the domestic market, but also from Korea (CHEMCOKOREA).  Our inventory is also getting ready for upcoming orders.  If you’ve got any leads that need to be closed soon, please write me!