BioChromato Newsletter Vol.33


Some weeks have already passed since the year 2019 started!  We’d like to send you the best wishes for another fruitful and positive year ahead.  We’ll try our best to make the entire year excited ever better than last year!  Rie-san left the company last year, but there’ll be a new member who will join our team from February and she’ll be taking a role of oversea sales.  Please look forward to our introduction!

It is our usual practice every year to visit this shrine near the office on the first working day of a year.This is the year of boar (was dog last year) in Japanese zodiac.

We as a team would make this year very driven for our goals like boars run for their target very straight!


Together with Teknolab AS, Yohei and Sho attended to the conference OKV2019 held in Norway from 10th to 13th January 2019.  It was the 34th which is very historical, and around 100 participants were seen in the hall which was very exciting! 

More than anything, the way Teknolab makes the good relationship with their customers was what we’ve got impressed the most during this trip.  Even from conversations with neighbors during the dinner or at the bar, they listen to the customers and are for them. We also liked their playful idea to put the darts machine next to the booth, and give some gifts for the good players. Very nice idea!  As a result of all productive promotions, some chemists are now considering to buy our Smart Evaporator.  The key function that interests them was, as we very often hear in Japan too, Smart Evaporator’s ability to evaporate DMSO.

Last year we received some opinions from you how we can make our sales materials more accessible.  The high-resolution product pictures used for website or the latest brochures with right pictures to be distributed for your upcoming shows.  Such document files needed for your promotions have become more accessible and reachable!  We’ve created the folder on Dropbox, and all you see there will be up-to-date.  Please contact us for our Dropbox link.  You can have access to our latest materials and download them anytime for your use!