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Q1:Is this DNA-free?

A1:Yes. The RAPID CRS guarantees Human DNA, DNase, RNase free.

Q2:What is the operating temperature range?

A2:From -80℃~110℃

Q3:Are there any unsuitable methods?

A3:The RAPID EPS is not suitable for autoclaves. Also please note that this is not sterilized.

Q4:What is the recommended storage condition?

A4:Store at room temperature in a place not exposed to direct sunlight.

Q5:Are there any recommended models of microwell plate?

A5:It can be used with any general microwell plates with SBS standard.
The ones with the flat surface are easy to adhere with good sealability.

Q6:Tell me the number of wells on microwell plate that can be used.

A6:You can select wells with any number of wells.

Q7:Can I use for wells in rectangle shape?

A7:You can use with any shaped wells.

Q8:Can I try before I purchase?

A8:Yes. We are pleased to send you free samples. Please send us your request from below. The one sample set consists of 2 pieces.

Q9:Is this subjected to the RoHS Directive?

A9:No. The RoHS Directive is a regulation for electronic products, and the plastic seals which are resin molded items are not subjected.



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