RAPID Tube Plate 600

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The well plate designed to minimize various influences
on experimental results.

    Features         Applications         Specifications    
  • No chelating agent contained such as EDTA and no worry of contamination into samples  
  • Superior thermal distribution between and among each well for less variation in results*
  • The volume per well is 600 μl
  • Human DNA, DNase, RNase free guaranteed
  • Functional temperature range -80℃~130℃
  • Reproducible data acquisition
  • Autoclavable at 121℃ for 20 minutes

*The aluminum heat block can be manufactured upon request.

  • Metabolic stability test
  • Cold storage
  • Auto sampler
  • Catalog Code:RTP6001-20 (20pcs/box) /RTP6001-160 (160pcs/box)
  • Material:polypropylene
  • Can be functional at :-80℃ ~130℃

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