Conveni-Prep M2

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“Conveni-Prep M2”

Improvement on efficiency
for your fraction, purification, desalting

Conveni-Prep M2 is a new fraction, purification system applying
the world-first evaporation method “VVC” (Vacuum Vortex Concentration).

New Launch! “Conveni-Prep”


Easy fraction or purification works with the liquid discharging by a vacuum pump.
By utilizing the Spiral Plug, the time required for evaporating or drying up samples
after fraction or purification can be reduced when compared
to the ordinary nitrogen blow evaporator.


One-push buttons for wasting and eluting. One valve each for stirring and concentrating samples.

Since a 60ml reservoir can be used for the sample introduction, almost 50 ml of sample solution can be processed. A filled syringe column can also be processed.

The samples can be concentrated by VVC method after elution without sample transfer.  100mL or 50mL vials are compatible.


Whole processes from the usual solid phase extraction (SPE) to the sample drying up can be performed subsequently. This system is recommended to those who want to

・Run the discovery works to find the active fractions easily

・Desalt the prep LC fractions

・Obtain the fractions or products in 10 to 100mg orders

・Concentrate or dry up the fractions or purified products easily




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Conveni-Prep M2

*VVC (Vacuum Vortex Concentration)
The proprietary technology “Spiral Plug” enables effective evaporation by generating vortex in a container, increasing the surface area of a sample. Also, this principal can work with samples that form skin on surface or those with high viscosity.
(The concentration efficiency varies depending on samples.)


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