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Without bumping!

The unique Spiral Plug lets you be free from bumping risk.

Minimizing sample transfer!
You can use your preffered containers like sample tubes for storage, micro-tubes.

For high boiling point solvents!
Enables efficient evaporation of high boiling point solvents like        DMSO, DMF and water.


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3 different models are available according to your needs


Useful for adjusting the solubility of luminous rare earth complex and for removing the solvents!

Prof. Miki Hasegawa, Aoyoma Gakuin University
Prof. Hasegawa is conducting fundamental research to elucidate the mechanism of the luminescent rare earth complex, but she had an issue of the recovery rate of ingredients when conducting elemental analysis, X-ray diffraction, NMR.

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Smart Evaporator contributes to the laboratory in Mozambique!

Marika Higashi, Science and Technology Research Partnership for Sustainable Development (SATREPS)

The project, where Ms. Higashi belongs to, researches the cultivation method of low risk plant under the severely dry condition like in Mozambique.

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濃縮 バイオマーカー

Not the nitrogen blow down dry evaporator, we now have the improved solution for evaporating tiny samples.

Prof.”U”, Sopia University, The organic chemistry area

Prof.”U” has very high acclaims for the Smart Evaporator C1, and our system contributes to his daily research work.

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