For high boiling point solvents!

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Evaporate high boiling solvents effectively!

The spiral air flow generated by “Spiral Plug” supports rapid solvent evaporation. It enables to concentrate even solvents such as water, DMF, DMSO which are regarded difficult to evaporate.

(Recommended that the sample temperature should be higher than room temperature to avoid condensation.)



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“This enables to evaporate DMSO, and I also like its high sample recovery rate.”
                                             (Associate Prof. Matsufuji, explaining his usage example of NMR sample recover.)


ingredient analysis pretreatment with the C10

Not only help with our workflow, but importantly are quick and easy to use

Dr. Graham M. Wynne CChem FRSC, Medicinal Chemistry Advisor, Chemistry Research Laboratory, University of Oxford

photosynthesis pigment analysis

Smart Evaporator significantly shortens the time duration for pretreatment in photosynthesis pigment analysis!!

Tokyo University of Science,
Faculty of Science, Professor Dr. Tatsuya Tomo

water evaporation

Effective evaporation of water!Even solid sample can be concentrated!

Mr. Y in the department of material application development at one machinery manufacturer











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