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Bump free technology “Spiral Plug”

The “Spiral Plug” concentrates your samples without bumping risk.

Why it’s bumping free!

Thanks to the groove engraved on the Spiral Plug (patented), the inside of the sample container
is not brought to high vacuum, minimizing the bumping risk.  The vortex is generated by the air
flow coming in along the groove, and that stirs the entire sample in the container.

You do not have to monitor the evaporator to watch out for bumping. The concentration is started,
then you can just walk away till it’s done, greatly improving research throughput.

The world’s first technology: “Vacuum Vortex Concentration”

The spiral flow is generated by “Vacuum Vortex Concentration” using the proprietary
developed “Spiral Plug”. This increases the surface area of sample while stirring and
evaporates solvents effectively.

This is also applicable for solvents with high viscosity, as well as those which tend to
form the surface film if evaporated with the centrifugal concentrator or nitrogen blow down concentrator.
* The concentration efficiency varies depending on the sample properties.

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Happy to evaporate valued samples in 2ml vials without stress.

Mr. Takeo Kurata,
Meiji University, Science and Engineering Applied Chemistry


polymers for material development

can evaporate under the nitrogen.  Just leave and it’s done!

Mr.K, Organic Synthesis Chemistry in one material manufacturer


No more scrambles for the Smart Evaporator C1, but now we have the C10!

Associate professor “K”,    Natural product chemistry research in University “T”,










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