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The Spiral Plug in 5 different sizes

spiralFrom the idea that we want to offer products that can be used by a wide range of researchers, the Smart Evaporator does not require the sample transfer or not limit the containers that can be used with the Smart Evaporator. We prepare the five different sizes of tapered shaped plugs.
The containers with the mouth inner diameter of 4 to 24 mm and the height of 120 mm or less can be used for the Smart Evaporator.


※ Some containers with the mouth inner diameter of 24 to 32 mm can also be used.
※ The containers must be prepared separately.

Other containers can also be used if the above conditions are satisfied. By reducing the number of sample transfers, times for washing containers and the number of containers are reduced, which is also economical.

Related Testimonials

Enables to concentrate a tiny sample of 600µL, for high-sensitive total reflection fluorescent X-ray analysis!

Senior chief engineer Mr. Hiroshi Yoshii, National Institute for Quantum and Radiological Science and Technology


Smart evaporator is effective to concentrate and dry samples in vials and centrifuge tubes.

Prof. Takuya Kumamoto,
Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences Organic Chemistry
Musashino university.
(He is now in Kumamoto University.)

Operation time gets reduced to 1/6 to evaporate 16 viscous samples!

Assistant Prof. Ena Kiyokawa, Chemical Analytics, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences in Fukuoka University











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