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【Recommended for those】

who want safe/easy/fast evaporation
who want to decide concentration conditions depending on research theme.


3 systems to utilize Smart Evaporator C1

(1) Simple connection system

You can start evaporation       by simply connecting to a vacuum pump.

(2) Purging inert gas system

Just connect your gas cylinder and line,    you can evaporate stably under the controlled environment.

(3) Circulation system

Concentrated in a closed system, that eliminates contamination of impurities, and volatile solvents can be collected with high recovery rate.


Enlighten your laboratory with organic colors

Enjoy the organic colored devices that can sense nature in your laboratory.
We have 4 line-ups (Sun, Squall, Grass, Sky) that will enlighten your laboratory.

Optional items

Make your research life more comfortable with fulfilling optional items, including products commercialized upon customers’ voices.

Product Specifications

*This is a CE-marked product.


Product Brochure

Smart Evaporator C1 



No more concerns of denaturation!

Useful for adjusting the solubility of luminous rare earth complex and for removing the solvents!

Prof. Miki Hasegawa,
Aoyoma Gakuin University

photosynthesis pigment analysis

Smart Evaporator significantly shortens the time duration for pretreatment in photosynthesis pigment analysis!!

Tokyo University of Science,
Faculty of Science,
Prof. Tatsuya Tomo

nitrogen blow down

Not the nitrogen blow down dry evaporator, we now have the improved solution for evaporating tiny samples.

Sopia University
The organic chemistry










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