Renewed Smart Evaporator

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The renewed Smart Evaporator comes with some improved specifications for your use!
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【Point 1】
More stylish front appearance.  It keeps the same functions, and the new design will help you to instantly find how to start operating a device.


【Point 2】
We removed a colored panel at back of the transparent box and expanded the length of the pole.  This is to improve the compatibility for various containers. Even a long Falcon tube or 110ml vial become more easily compatible.
【Point 3】
The operability of the column clamp gets improved, so the position of a Spiral Plug can easily be adjusted for your container. Also a Spiral Plug can be inserted / removed more easily than conventional one-touch type.
【Point 4】

A diameter of temperature control block is expanded from φ50㎜ to φ60㎜, and this improves the compatibility of containers. Also this is now covered with a resin material, improving the safety of a device.


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