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【Recommended for those】

who want to shorten time required
for multiple evaporation of samples like DMSO and water.



Time reduction of pretreatment such as distillation of high-boiling point solvent

Reduce the time required for concentrating up to 10 samples at a time such as DMSO, DMF, water, NMP, etc.

Simple operation and easy processing of multiple sample evaporations.

You can select the one from three sized vial holders, and each is compatible with 1.5ml, 6ml and 20ml vials.
The aluminum block heater is equipped.

Product Specifications

*This is a CE-marked product.

Product Brochure

Smart Evaporator C10 



No more concerns of denaturation!

Definitely fast and effective evaporation of multiple samples!

PD Kyohei Kanomata, Bioresources Chemistry, Department of Agro-environmental Sciences, Faculty of Agriculture, Kyushu University



No more scrambles for the Smart Evaporator C1, but now we have the C10!

University “T”,
Natural product chemistry research,
Associate professor “K”


ingredient analysis pretreatment with the C10

Multiple evaporations of water or mixed solvents for ingredient analysis pretreatment with the C10!

Ms. O, drug-related division in one chemical manufacturer











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