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【Recommended for those】

who are having troubles to make a space for an evaporator.
who want to easily move an installed evaporator to the other place.


As compact as possible

The experiment bench and the draft are often full of various equipment and reagents, and the installation space is limited. The K1 keeps the multiple functions in a small foot print.

Easy to carry

By making it as compact as it can be, anyone can easily carry. This is as light as ordinary laptops.

5 different sized Spiral Plugs

The tapered spiral plugs of five sizes are developed for the purpose of providing researchers the evaporator compatible with various containers.  (micro tubes, vials, test tubes and eggplant flasks etc.) You don’t have to transfer sample just for concentration, and this lets you eliminate washing procedures that is also economical.

You can start your evaporation with containers that have inner mouth diameter of 4 to 32mm and that can be fit in the heater pot.

*Containers should be prepared separately.

Product Specifications

*This is a CE-marked product.


Product Brochure

Smart Evaporator K1 



Enables to concentrate a tiny sample of 600µL, achieving high-sensitive total reflection fluorescent X-ray analysis!

Mr. Hiroshi Yoshii, Senior chief engineer, National Institute for Quantum and Radiological Science and Technology


Smart Evaporator contributes to the laboratory in Mozambique

Ms. Marika Higashi
Science and Technology Research Partnership for Sustainable Development (SATREPS)

evaporator 8

Easy evaporation of the high viscous samples like surfactant solution

Dr. I, the material chemistry research in the university “C”.











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