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who want to adjust a flow rate for each sample
who want to concentrate samples effectively in a limited space


Maximize your efficiency with its size

Even the installation space in your laboratory is limited for having more concentrators, Smart Evaporator K4 is ideally compact to be installed.

Reduction of time required for pretreatment work such as distillation of high-boiling point solvents

You can evaporate DMSO, DMF, water, NMP, etc. and even 4 samples can be concentrated at a time to shorten your operation time. A flow rate can be adjusted individually for each sample.

5 different sized Spiral Plugs

You can evaporate with your preferred containers (vial bottle, test tube, micro tube, etc.) which eliminates sample loss during sample transfer.
*The containers should be prepared separately.

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Smart Evaporator K4 



Operation time gets reduced to 1/6 to evaporate 16 viscous samples!

Assistant Prof. Ena Kiyokawa, Chemical Analytics, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences in Fukuoka University










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