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Database for Chemical Industry: Compound Search

Ambient ionization techniques like Thermal Desorption and Pyrolysis Direct Analysis in Real Time Mass Spectometry (TDP-DART®-MS) enable rapid analysis of industrial materials without pretreatment. (i.e. additives or base materials). However, it is not easy to analyze the mass spectrum.

This database allows searching specialized compounds in the chemical industry, unlike searching on the internet.
This database can be used for analysis data of direct probe, ASAP, LC/MS (ESI, APCI).
The original database can be created by registering your own data.

Data: About 1600 compounds
Contents: Antioxidants, UV absorbers, plasticizers, fire retardants, stabilizers
Items: Name, chemical formula, CAS No., ChemSpider ID, application
*Tested on Windows 10

How to use Compound Search: Additive Analysis Contained in Plastics
Sample: Polylactic acid resin
Method: 0.5 mm2 sample was heated from RT to 600° Cat 100°C/min, using ionRocket combined with DART®

1.Obtain elemental composition from the mass spectrum obtained by the mass spectometer software.
2.Fill in the observed m/z value into the Compound Search.>
3.Press the Search button
4.From the search results, confirm that the compound that has the same elemental composition with step 1 is a compound of interest.
5.The database allows you to connect directly to ChemSpider, so the chemical formula can also be confirmed.

Compound Search allows direct link to ChemSpider, so user can check the chemical structure.
Compound Search does not link with the mass spectometer.
✓ Application cells shows a product name (e.g. Irganox1010, Irgafos 168…) and application (e.g. plasticizer, antioxidant, …)

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Database for Chemical Industry Compound Search


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