When measuring the light luminescence with the plate reader,
I can easily process with RAPID CRS pasted thereon.

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This time I visited one of the researchers using our RAPID CRS and interviewed him
about the applications and the opinions about this product.

Interviewed with Mr. M, in the drug discovery department of the one pharmaceutical company

Thank you for your time today.So in what case would you use the plate seals in your research?
Mr. M
I use plate seals with the purpose aiming to prevent the moisture absorption and the evaporation during the high throughput screening in drug discovery. Basically I use several types of plate seals properly according to the intended purposes.
So how would you use our RAPID CRS?
Mr. M
I use RAPID CRS when measuring the light luminescence by the plate reader manufactured by the company “P”, and I can leave RAPID CRS pasted on the plate while the measurement as it has the high transparency not disturbing the measurement value.
Would you tell me in details about the previous problems you’ve been facing when using the plate reader?
Mr. M
When measuring the light luminescence with the plate reader, I usually set the aperture to prevent the crosstalk of the lights leaked from surrounding wells. But depends on the types of samples or their quantities in wells, there are some cases the aperture gets contaminated and I was thinking somehow I want to avoid that contamination may affect to the measurement values.
I see. Even the leaks of the light affect to the measurement value. I’m impressed RAPID CRS has been selected with that sort of back ground.
Mr. M
That’s right. RAPID CRS is usefully applied for preventing the contamination to the aperture, and is also directly applicable for the measurement which I’ve found beneficial of using this product.
Thank you very much. I’ll be always appreciated to have your inquiries if there are any problems. Thank you for your time today.

comment of interviewer

Mr. M has to handle a mass number of samples for drug discovery and also has to select the proper plate seals for 96-, 384- or 1536-well plates according to his aims. He received the sample proposal from our distributor and adopted RAPID CRS as it prevents the contaminations on apertures and also is useful for direct measurements. This time I’ve found a valuable idea for the use of RAPID CRS. We’ll be working hard to make further improvements to our products and hope those would also be helpful for our users.
(Interviewed by Kikuchi)

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