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Never be achieved with the freeze dryer, how easy to dry DMSO!
I could also manage to evaporate DMF at 40 Celsius in an hour, which is amazing!

I made a visit to the associate professor M’s lab, who found the Smart Evaporator very useful at the demonstration. We asked him how he deals with evaporating high boiling solvents like DMSO or DMF, and also comments and requests about our products.
(Interviewed with : Associate Prof. “M” in natural products chemistry at one university.)

Thank you for this opportunity for us today.
My pleasure.
Would you kindly tell us about your research work?
I’m working on the polyphenol research. With NMR we analyze the pigments extracted from natural products and also study their functions.
How did you know our products?
One distributor introduced us the Smart Evaporator and I tried to demonstrate it. I set to 40 Celsius, and could manage to evaporate in a short time. That greatly helps my research which I have never achieved with any other methods.
We’re honored you’ve said so. I see the DMSO evaporation is very difficult to deal with.
I used to use the freeze dryer for DMSO evaporation, but I could never achieve it. Maybe that’s because the sample concentration was too high, and the sample is saturated in containers then is dissolved.In that case I added water to dilute to 10%, adsorb in the ODS cartridge, then dissolve with solvents with low boiling points. But with this method I was also concerned of effects of transfer dissolution.
Using the Smart Evaporator which readily evaporates DMSO led to great improvements in our work efficiency.
We appreciate for your positive comments. How else do you use the Smart Evaporator for?
I also use this for DMF evaporation. I tried to dry 1mL of DMF in 10cm test tube, 10mL vial and 25mL egg-plant flask, and either one was completed within an hour at 40 Celsius. In parallel I also tested with the rotary evaporator for comparison, but most of solvents was left even after 2 hours.
Thank you for your valuable comments. We appreciate for your time arranged for us, and hope to continuously help you.
Interviewer Comment

I visited Associate Prof. M’s lab where he studies natural products to find more about his feedbacks.
He’s been troubled to dry DMSO or DMF, but the Smart Evaporator C1 has solved his situation effectively, and we are all much honored and pleased to receive his positive feedbacks.
(interviewer: Abe )

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