Smart Evaporator vol.1


Smart evaporator is effective to concentrate and dry samples in vials and centrifuge tubes.

Research Interest Organic synthesis of antibiotics, biologically active substances from plants. Testimonials after using Smart Evaporator. (Researcher:Professor Takuya Kumamoto. Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences Organic Chemistry Musashino university)

Although you have multiples types of concentrators in your laboratory, when do you use Smart Evaporator?
UserVoice1-02aI use it after reducing sample volume with rotary evaporator. I transfer samples from egg-plant flask to vials for final exsiccation.
What kinds of solvents do you use?
I use low boiling solvents such as methylene chroride and ethyl acetate. Smart evaporator is very easy to use because it is free from bumping thanks to its unclosed system and compact size. In addition, I am glad with easy sample collection due to the flexibility for various types of containers.
UserVoice1-03aDo you use any other containers except vials.
It depends on types of experiments. I use centrifuge tubes for recrystallization. Although I cannot concentrate samples in centrifuge tubes with other concentrators, Smart Evaporator is applicable for them. Because tubes are narrow, samples easily have bumping problems. Furthermore, plastic containers without barotolerance are not applicable for rotary evaporator. Moreover, aluminum beads can hold containers firmly, which relaxes me.
Thank you for your time and using Smart Evaporator
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Professor Kumamoto use Smart Evaporator to concentrate small volume samples. He always uses it for recrystallization in glass centrifuge tubes.

Smart Evaporator is compatible with 15ml and 50ml centrifuge tubes(spitz).
If you and your colleagues want to concentrate samples in centrifuge tubes, please ask our local distributor in your country.


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