Seals with resistance to 1000 atmospheric pressure

Today I visited Mr. Kato who purchased our RPID CRS, and had the interview with him about his research and the product application.

interview with Mr. Chiaki Kato from JAMSTEC (Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology )

pressure chamber
First of all, would you tell us about what your research is on?
Mr. Kato
I am studying of molecular mechanisms of how life forms are adapted to water pressure of the deep sea.
How have you been using RAPID CRS actually?
I use RAPID CRS to screen genes that are important for deep-sea microorganisms to adapt to the water pressure.
Thank you very much. Then, would you tell us more about how you actually screen?
I prepare pressurized mutants of target microorganisms and then screen those. For example, I collect deep-sea microorganisms that can be adapted to 500 atmospheric pressure, and produce mutant strains with the treatments such as transgeneses, the gene deletion and the addition of chemical substances.
After that, I prepare colony for mutants and inoculated them into 96-well plates filled with medium. Then I seal the well plates with RAPID CRS, place them in the pressure chamber then apply the hydraulic pressure.

After pressurized, the bacteria is cultured for a week then is observed its growth. After pressurized culture, I sort the bacteria not capable of growth or grow vigorously. In this case, the ones not capable of growth have the loss of genes that enable the adaptation for 500 atmospheric pressure. In other words, you can determine the lacking genes are an important ones in order to live at 500 atmospheric pressure.

inside of pressure chamber,
place a plate sealed with RAPID CRS

I see! Thank you for explaining in details. So while you’ve been using RAPID CRS, how do you find about this product?

On the trial, I pressurize the chamber with the plate sealed with RAPID CRS, then I found that it was not easily peeled off and there was no liquid leaked out so I decided to purchase since after.
Thank you very much! Have you tried the seals from other companies?
Yes. About the seals from other companies, they were unwillingly peeled off and the liquid in plates were leaked out. But with RAPID CRS, it has strong adhesive strength and also the certain elasticity works fine under the hydraulic pressurized circumstance.
I see! I’m glad to hear that our products have been helpful in your research. By the way, up to how much pressure have you tried?
manned research submersible
[SHINKAI 6500]

At 1000 atmospheric pressure. The maximum capacity of pressure chamber is 1000, so I had examinations up to 1000 atmospheric pressure.

I’m amazed that you’ve been using our products under such a severe condition. I’m happy to know the new possibility of RAPID CRS. Thank you today for the interesting information, and your corporation for this long interview. I would like to keep a good relationship with you.

comment of interviewer

I’m personally curious about the deep-sea and am thankful for the interesting stories from Mr.Kato who is an expert of the deep-sea research. Again, I felt the sea to be the last frontier for human race and also the field filled with romance. The application of seal seems to be simple but due to its simplicity, I realize that the seal is the product that researchers would arrange applications according to their research. I am very pleased that our products have been used in various fields and research.
(Interviewed by Kurahashi)

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